Community Survey Results

By: Embudo LibraryPosted: June 30, 2015

EVL Community Vision and
Long Range Planning Survey

Summary of Input from 84 Community Members

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The following questions were asked:

Our Community Now
I. What makes Dixon/Embudo a good place to live?

II. What resources, businesses, and institutions make it possible for you to live here?

III. What do you like best about living here?

IV. What is the most difficult thing about living here?

Our Community’s Future
V. Imagine Dixon 10 years from now. Our community and its residents are healthy and successful. What makes this future village a good place to live?

VI. What business or institution in this future village would make your life easier?

Our Community’s Past
VII. If you grew up in Dixon, what are your favorite memories from your childhood here?

VIII. What is your best memory about the library and co-op property in downtown Dixon (Zeller’s Family property?

IX: What are the reason you live here and have continued to live here?

X: What would you like the library to focus on in the future?

XI: Sharing a story about the positive effects of the library.

Click Here to view the full results of the survey.